Veteran, set himself on fire, was bade farewell in Maidan in Kyiv

  • Veteran set himself on fire was bade farewell in Maidan in Kyiv

Kyiv: Nikolay Mikitenko, ATO (Anti-Terroristic Operation) veteran who set himself on fire in Maidan Nezalezhnosti square (Independence square) on October 11, was bade farewell in Kyiv. 

About 100 people came to pay homage to him, including his relatives and close friends.

Mikitenko will be buried besides his father in Zhytomyr district.

His daughter informed that since the tragedy only relatives and volunteers were having a communication with her. No one from President’s Office contacted with the girl.

"GACK (Governmental Administration of City of Kiyv) only allowed us to bid farewell to him in Maidan. There were no more questions, or any communications with me or my family besides that’’, she said.

On October 11, Mikitenko poured incendiary over his head and set himself on fire in Maidan. Press secretary of National Police Oksana Blyshchyk informed UP that man received burns covering 90 % of his body, he was hospitalized with critical condition. Mikitenko’s daughter Yulia informed that motives of his behavior were ,,pure political’’: ,,disagreement with authorities’ actions, in particular, disengaging of troops on the separation line and creeping Russian occupation’’. On October 14, the veteran died.

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