Stoltenberg called on Georgia to prepare for joining NATO

  • Stoltenberg called on Georgia to prepare for joining NATO

Brussels: Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg called on Georgian government to accelerate the process of preparation for joining the military alliance. He stated that on Tuesday meeting with prime minister of Georgia Giorgi Gakharia in Brussels.

According to Stoltenberg, NATO was always supporting for territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and will keep its position in the future.

Besides that, he said that NATO welcomes the progress reached by Georgia through the reforms in modernization of armed forces and strengthening of democracy. 

“And I encourage you to continue making full use of all the opportunities for coming closer to NATO. And to prepare for membership. We count on Georgia to ensure next month’s elections meet the highest international standards. This is important for Georgia, and for NATO”, he said.

Thus, Secretary General of NATO thanked Georgia for his contribution of keeping the alliance including involvement of Georgian military units in NATO training mission in Afghanistan.

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