Trump: UN must hold China accountable for unleashing Covid-19

  • Trump UN must hold China accountable for unleashing Covid-19

New York: U.S. president Donald Trump addressing to General Assembly of UN called on the organization holding China accountable for spreading Covid-19 worldwide. 

According to him, China was the one who released virus in the world.

,,As we pursue this bright future, we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world: China. In the earliest days of the virus, China locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave China — and infect the world. China condemned my travel ban on their country, even as they canceled domestic flights and locked citizens in their homes. The Chinese government and the World Health Organization, which is virtually controlled by China, falsely declared that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. Later they falsely said people without symptoms would not spread the disease. The United Nations must hold China accountable for their actions’’, Trump said. 

According to WHO, entire number of confirmed Covid-19 cases surpassed 31 million in the world.

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