58 new proceedings against Ukrainian ex-president

  • 58 new proceedings against Ukrainian ex-president

Kyiv: 58 criminal proceedings are initiated against fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, his lawyer Ilya Novikov stated on Friday briefing.

,,We are continuously asked, what is current number of Poroshenko’s proceedings. And all this time, we still don’t know... We can’t be sure that there is anything here we don’t know about, however, this number stands at 58 now’’, he noted. 

Besides that, according to Poroshenko’s another lawyer Igor Golovan at first some of this cases were closed due to lack of evidence of crime but later Pecherskyi court of Kyiv opened them back. 

Previously, Petro Poroshenko’s lawyers declared that on September 4 Security Service of Ukraine opened 15 new proceedings against ex-president.

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