EU doesn’t consider Lukashenko legitimate president of Belarus

  • EU doesnt consider Lukashenko legitimate president of Belarus

Brussels: FM of European Union Josep Borrell announced that EU regards Alexander Lukashenko as illegitimate president of Belarus because vote results were falsified.

Borrell has talked about that while delivering a speech on the plenary session of European Parliament on Tuesday, September 15.

,,The situation is clear for us. We consider the election on August 9 fraudulent. So Lukashenko is not the legitimate president for us’’, he remarked.

Besides that, Borrell once again condemned Belarusian security forces’ cruel actions towards protesters and informed deputies about arresting members of opposition coordinating council.

Resuming, Borrell emphasized that on September 24-25 an urgent meeting of European Council is being held where members will agree to impose relevant sanctions against Belarusian officials responsible for falsifying vote results.

According to Central Election Commission of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko won elections with 80,1 %.

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