Protests in the US: police shot a journalist live

  • Protests in the US police shot a journalist live

Kyiv: Journalist of the American television channel Wave3 was bombarded with rubber bullets during a live broadcast from the city of Minneapolis, where protests did not stop for the third day in a row due to the death of African-American George Floyd.

This is evidenced by the footage published on the official website of the channel.

The footage shows the policeman purposefully directing weapons, very similar to paintball, towards the journalist. After which the girl cries out the phrases: "They hit me!", "These are rubber bullets, everything is in order."

The US police tried to detain the African American George Floyd, knocking him to the ground. Later, one of the police officers threw his knee around Floyd's neck. In a video published on social networks, one can hear the detainee repeating several times that he cannot breathe, after which he lost consciousness. As a result, Floyd was hospitalized, but he died in intensive care.

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