EU opposes the imposition of sanctions against China

  • EU opposes the imposition of sanctions against China

Brussels: European Union sanctions against China is not a way to solve problems, said EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell during a press conference on Friday, May 29.

According to him, sanctions can only aggravate the relationship between the European Union and Beijing.

“Only one country mentioned sanctions. I believe that sanctions are not a method to solve our problems with China ”said Borrel.

Earlier in the US, it was said that Washington could impose sanctions against China if Beijing “seizes” Hong Kong with the help of the national security bill.

 Chinese authorities have developed a special law on national security of Hong Kong. It provides for the creation of a “legal system and enforcement mechanisms to ensure national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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China will take countermeasures if the US does not stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs - Chinese Foreign Ministry