Hackers steal data from 1.3 million civil servants in Indonesia

  • Hackers steal data from 13 million civil servants in Indonesia

Kyiv: Hackers in Indonesia “got into” the computer database of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia and downloaded data from about 1.3 million government officials, reports the Jakarta Post.

According to one of the ministry employees, hackers broke into the computer of one of the employees, who switched to remote work in connection with the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the attack on the database, hackers stole: “... Names and surnames, numbers of ID cards of employees and their personal data, including age, place of birth, address of residence, family card numbers (registration), parents' names, marital status and other personal information. "

As previously reported, the number of hacker attacks in the world has risen sharply after enterprise employees switched to remote work because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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