47 people died per day from COVID-19 in Germany

  • 47 people died per day from COVID-19 in Germany

Kyiv: The number of new type Coronavirus fatal cases in Germany has increased by 47 people over the past day, according to the Robert Koch Institute on Wednesday, May 27.

Thus, the total number of victims as a result of COVID-19 infection in the Federal Republic of Germany is 8,349.

It is noted that the number of detected cases of a new type of Coronavirus in Germany per day increased by 362 people - up to 170 364 people, of which more than 162.8 thousand were cured.

“The largest number of infections was recorded in Bavaria (46,458), North Rhine-Westphalia (37,541) and Baden-Württemberg (34,500). 6673 cases of infection have been recorded in Berlin, ”the report said.

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45 people died from Coronavirus per day in Germany