Number of COVID-19 Infected Increased to 644 in Georgia

  • Number of COVID-19 Infected Increased to 644 in Georgia

Kyiv: According to a special government website for monitoring patients the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection in Georgia is 644 as of Wednesday morning, May 13.

Doctors have identified 5 new cases of infection over the past day. The death toll is 11 people as of today.

“There are 644 confirmed cases of infection, among them: 372 recovered, 11 lethal cases, 4373 people in quarantine mode, 386 under surveillance and 3 people are brought from abroad,” says the statement.

The GoG extended the State of Emergency throughout the country until May 22 in connection with the epidemic of Coronavirus infection. According to the introduced quarantine rules, a curfew has been introduced in Georgia from 21:00 to 06:00. Public transport is also prohibited, and movement in private cars is limited by the number of passengers in a car - up to three people at a time.

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