New European Commission is set to work

  • New European Commission is set to work

Kiev: On Sunday, December 1, the new composition of the European Commission took office after a formal procedure for approval by the European Council and the European Parliament.

The new composition of the European Commission began its activities on the 10th anniversary of the signing of the EU Lisbon Agreement, which became the defining document for reforming and maintaining the unity of the European Union.

“From today, we are the guardians of the EU Agreements and the guards of the Lisbon spirit. I feel this responsibility”, - said Ursula Von Der Lien, the new head of the European Commission.

According to her, thanks to the EU, Europe got rid of tyranny, turned into a continent of the world with rights and freedoms for people who are bigger than anywhere else in the world.

“But Europe is not only a treasure that we have inherited. Europe is a promise. Europe is the future. Europe is something we have to build - brick by brick, day by day”, - summed up Ursula Von Der Läyen.

She also noted that the European Commission has the task to adequately accompany such changes.

Recall that the composition of the new members of the European Commission was previously published. 461 members of the European Parliament voted for the new commission, while 157 voted against and 89 abstained.

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