In Dnipro, five men in balaclava attacked two activists

  • In Dnipro five men in balaclava attacked two activists

Kiev: On the night of November 22, a group of 5 unknown men in balaclava attacked two activists of the Community of Active Youth - SAM Vladislav Melnichuk and Viroslav Tsyupyak. This was announced on her Facebook page by the chairman of the board of NGO “ZMINA. Center for Human Rights”, - Tatyana Pechonchik.

The injured suffered injuries to the skull, jaw and nose. The guys are being examined in the hospital.

According to Pechonchik, one of the victims initiated the renaming of the region to Sicheslavskaya and helped organize the campaign “Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk” in the city.

Meanwhile, the police said they had already opened criminal proceedings and qualified the attack as hooliganism under part 1 of article 266 of the Criminal Code.

Now law enforcement authorities are finding out all the circumstances of the incident, interviewing witnesses, victims, conducting investigative and investigative measures to identify and detain attackers.

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