Israel and Islamic Jihad agree on ceasefire – media

  • Israel and Islamic Jihad agree on ceasefire media

Kiev: Representatives of Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group reached a ceasefire mediated by Egypt.

It is reported by Haaretz.

“Israel and Islamic Jihad have agreed to end hostilities in and around Gaza”, - the report said.

In connection with the ceasefire, a militant group in Gaza will immediately stop any violence, while Israel has agreed not to commit more intentional killings and will cease to use live ammunition against protesters on the border with the Gaza Strip.

According to recent reports, the death toll due to Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip increased to 32. At least 97 people were injured during Israeli attacks from Tuesday to Thursday.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who ordered an operation to eliminate the terrorist leader, accused Bagua Abu Al-Ata of organizing recent terrorist attacks on Israel and planning new attacks in the near future. The Israeli Armed Forces (IAF) reportedly launched an airstrike on the Gaza Strip and killed the leader of the Islamic Jihad, Bagua Abu Al-Ata.

As the Israeli military noted, after Israel killed the leader of the Islamic Jihad Bagua Abu Al-Atu on Tuesday morning, at least 220 missiles were fired into Israeli territory from Gaza. Israeli air defense intercepted 90 percent of the missiles.

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