Ex-employee of the US National Security Council: Russia proposed to "exchange" Ukraine for Venezuela

  • Ex-employee of the US National Security Council Russia proposed to exchange Ukraine for Venezuela

Kiev: In her testimony in the case of the impeachment of Donald Trump, the former senior director for Europe and Eurasia of the US National Security Council, Fiona Hill, spoke about Russia's attempt to resolve the “Ukrainian issue” with the US at the expense of Venezuela.

Fiona Hill recalls that the events associated with the formation of a shadowy American policy towards Ukraine began at the same time as riots continued in Venezuela.

“And at that particular moment, the Russians gave a very noticeable signal, they want some kind of strange agreement on the“ exchange ”of Venezuela for Ukraine. In other words, if we wanted to ... keep Russia away from our yard (she had already sent several special officers to protect the Venezuelan government and prevent US military intervention), then at the same time (Russia - ed.) They had their own version of events: ... they say, you (USA - ed.) yourself in our yard (in Ukraine - ed.), ”Hill said.

She added that the US National Security Council instructed her to convey to Russia that such agreements were unacceptable.

Fiona Hill testified before Congress as part of an investigation into the impeachment of Donald Trump on October 14th. A transcript of her interrogation was made publicly available on November 8.

Recall, October 31, the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a resolution that puts the investigation into Trump’s impeachment on a public plane.

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