More than 57% of the inhabitants of ORLDO consider themselves citizens of Ukraine

  • More than 57 of the inhabitants of ORLDO consider themselves citizens of Ukraine

Kiev: 57.8% of residents of the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions temporarily uncontrolled by Ukraine called themselves citizens of Ukraine.

Source: Results of a quantitative study of public opinion in the occupied territories, conducted from October 7 to October 31 by the New Image Marketing Group and published in the Mirror of the Week.

Details: At the same time, 41.6% of the inhabitants of ORDLO have passports of the DPR / LPR (34.8%) or Russia (6.8%). 42.9% of respondents never thought about getting a Russian passport.

In the next 5 years, 34% of those polled are confident that their economic situation will improve, and 35.4% associate this development with integration into the Russian Federation, 3.5% of those polled associate improvement with integration into Ukraine.

9.9% of respondents are sure that Ukraine can help ORDLO to stabilize the economic situation by providing “DPR” / “LPR” wide autonomy. 10.9% of the inhabitants of the occupied territories are satisfied with the current balance of forces or the creation of an independent state like Ossetia or Abkhazia, in fact - a frozen conflict.

“26.8% of those who expect a worsening situation associate this process solely with returning to Ukraine - no matter what status, it’s still bad. Self-determination or freezing the conflict does not inspire people - 23.1% believe that the economy will go down with such a development of events. Only 6.8% of residents do not trust the Russian unifying scenario"' - the study said.

“Predicting the improvement or worsening of the economic situation in their region in accordance with 40.2 and 43.3% of the inhabitants of the DPRS Difficult or refuse to answer the question: with what or with whom this may be connected. People are at a crossroads. They do not understand what is happening and who can really protect them", - writes ZN.

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