Half of young generation Z in Europe abandons pirated content - poll

  • Half of young generation Z in Europe abandons pirated content - poll

Kiev: A survey of young people aged 15-24 from 28 countries of the European Union showed that 51% of Europeans belonging to Generation Z have never consumed pirated content in the past 12 months. Despite this, a third indicated that they use content posted in violation of intellectual property rights regularly.

A study was published by the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO).

One of the objectives of the study was to analyze the reasons that motivate young people to consume stolen content, and can also prevent them from doing this.

The main factor of influence remains the high price for legality - this was noted by 56% of respondents. Other most common factors that force you to choose illegal are the availability of the necessary content only on a pirated resource, the lack of registration there and the fact that pirated sites are easy to find on the Internet.

However, most respondents indicated that there are leverage that can distract them from piracy. Among them - the ability to consume legal content at a more affordable price, higher risk of punishment, negative consumer experience. Also, 20% of young people called a factor in influencing their behavior a better understanding of the harm they do by violating intellectual property rights.

The thoughts of young Ukrainians in this coincide with the Europeans. According to a Gemius study in 2019 commissioned by the Clean Skies anti-piracy initiative, Ukrainians also call the price of legal content the main criterion for choosing between pirated and legal content. 46% indicated that with a "smart" cost, they are ready to abandon stolen content. And 25% said that informing users about the rules for posting and using content on the Internet will help in the fight against this crime.

Recall that in May in Ukraine for the first time a criminal case was sent to court against a "pirate" who illegally filmed premiere films in movie theaters, and then sold them. The offender faces up to two years in prison.

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