President Zelensky Ukraine is a diamond that requires internal reforms and external investment

  • President Zelensky Ukraine is a diamond that requires internal reforms and external investment

Kiev: At the opening of the International Economic Forum in Kiev on November 8, President Vladimir Zelensky called on foreign partners to invest in Ukraine, comparing the country with diamond.

“Ukraine is a diamond that requires cutting from internal reforms and external investments in order to become a real diamond not only in the heart of Europe, but throughout the world. As president, I guarantee that I personally am ready to defend every investment you make, every penny you invest in each of our Ukrainians”, - Zelensky said.

Addressing the forum participants, the president recalled that the Ukrainians created the first helicopter, rocket engine, X-ray prototypes, the world's largest aircraft and joined the creation of PayPal and WhatsApp.

“People are our biggest capital. This is Made in Ukraine, which we are proud of and which gives us a competitive advantage. Economic growth in the world is mainly becoming through innovation. Ukrainians are very talented, hardworking, courageous, ambitious, creative - this is what your investment needs. Invest in Ukrainians, youth, small and medium-sized businesses, startups, ”Zelensky added.

According to the president, over 28 years of independence, Ukraine has become an “economic underdog” through “imitation of important reforms”, but the new government does not agree with this status.

“We perfectly understand what we need. These are equal rules for everyone, cleaning up the judicial system, overcoming corruption, digitalizing processes, reforming education, in accordance with the challenges of the 21st century, laws that are essential for the economy, even if they are unpopular”, - Zelensky emphasized.

Earlier Zelensky said that he would offer representatives of large businesses to invest in restoring the infrastructure of Donbass. During a meeting with business on June 20, Zelensky said that Ukrainian oligarchs agreed to finance the restoration of the Donbass and took on specific sectors for the restoration. About Kolomoisky Zelensky said: “Mr. Igor Kolomoisky will invest a lot of money in restoring the infrastructure of Donbass, but he still does not know about it.” However, Kolomoisky said that he did not know anything about Zelensky’s plan to restore Donbass and recalled that, by a decision of a British court, his assets were frozen and he could use only £ 20,000 a week: “I can paint a stall for the remainder of £ 20,000 a week or two".

The volume of investments in Ukraine in the first quarter of 2019 amounted to $ 800 million. At the same time, the volume of remittances of Ukrainian labor migrants in 2018 amounted to $ 14 billion.

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