At the airport in Amsterdam, the pilot accidentally activated a hijacking signal

  • At the airport in Amsterdam the pilot accidentally activated a hijacking signal

Kiev: At an Amsterdam Schiphol airport, an Air Europa pilot accidentally activated a car theft alarm.

It is reported by "European truth" with reference to NOS.

On board the plane, which was supposed to fly to Madrid, there were 27 passengers when the pilot accidentally reported the hijacking. This happened around 18.45.

Two hours later, confirmation was received that the situation had returned to normal.

"False alarm. On the Amsterdam-Madrid flight this evening, a warning was mistakenly activated that launches protocols at the airport in case of hijacking. Nothing happened, all passengers are safe and are waiting for departure. We apologize", - the airline said.

It is noted that the abduction signal does not constitute a physical button in the cockpit, but a code that a crew member must enter.

It is noted that air traffic at Schiphol Airport has undergone significant changes due to the incident. Many departures were delayed, but not a single flight was canceled.

The plane to Madrid, the abduction of which was accidentally reported by a pilot, flew from Amsterdam at 22.50.

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