Moldovan President allows government resignation

  • Moldovan President allows government resignation

Kiev: Moldovan President Igor Dodon does not rule out the resignation of the government due to a conflict between the parties in power.

It is reported by "European truth" with reference to Newsmaker.

On the evening of November 6, Dodon met with Prime Minister Maya Sandu and Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanii.

Dodon said the conversation with Sandu was calm - "they spoke like responsible, mature politicians".

Commenting on the government’s decision to take responsibility for amending the law on the prosecutor’s office, Igor Dodon said he considered it unacceptable. He also noted that before this step, Sandu could discuss her actions with coalition partners.

Otherwise, according to Dodon, there is a possibility that the government may be fired. The party of socialists, according to him, will make a decision on this in the coming days at the republican council. Dodon believes that the government would refuse this decision if the situation would be better. The president also believes that the government should recall Justice Minister Oles Stamate. In this case, according to him, ACUM may have the opportunity to choose a new candidate for the post of minister, and the competition for the position of prosecutor general can be re-organized.

Dodon also said that on November 7 he is scheduled to meet with ambassadors accredited in Moldova, where the current situation will also be discussed.

Recall, on November 6, the government assumed responsibility before parliament for amendments to the law "On the Prosecutor's Office". This means that if the parliament does not initiate a vote of no confidence in the government within three days, the amendments will automatically enter into force. According to the amendments, the Prime Minister will select candidates for the post of Prosecutor General and then submit them to the High Council of Prosecutors.

Prior to this, the Minister of Justice Stamate canceled the results of the competition for the position of prosecutor general. She said that one of the commission members underestimated the candidates who received a fairly high score from other members of the commission. The Socialist Party, in turn, demanded that Stamate voluntarily resign.

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