Former Twitter staff accused of spying on Saudi Arabia

  • Former Twitter staff accused of spying on Saudi Arabia

Kiev: The US Department of Justice has accused two former Twitter employees of transferring data about social network users to Saudi Arabia.

It is reported by Reuters.

Charges were brought against Ahmed Abuammo, who is a U.S. citizen, and Ali al-Zabarah, who has Saudi citizenship.

They are accused of trying to get personal information about users of the social network who published posts criticizing the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Men allegedly for the money passed this data to Saudi officials.

“This information (of a personal nature) could be used to identify and determine the location of Twitter users who published these posts”, -  the Ministry of Justice explained.

Also in the case is another Saudi citizen Ahmed al-Mutayri. He is accused of mediating between the Saudi authorities and Twitter employees, which equated espionage.

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