“The Burisma case exists only in the head of the one who invented it”, - Attorney General

  • The Burisma case exists only in the head of the one who invented it - Attorney General

Kiev: Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka said that the case for the Ukrainian gas production company Burisma exists only in the head of the person who invented it.

He said this in an interview with LB.ua.

“There is no Burisma affair. It exists in the brain of the one who invented it. There just may be some kind of production in which the word Burisma may appear. Maybe there are several such proceedings”, - said the prosecutor general.

“After the audit, we’ll calculate how many cases there is such a word in which context it is used. Then maybe I’ll comment on something in more detail”, - he added.

Ryaboshapka said earlier that the Prosecutor General’s Office will conduct an audit of all industries that were previously carried out by the prosecutor’s office and the Prosecutor General’s office in particular. The same applies to the production of the company Burisma, where Hunter Biden worked - the son of potentially the main competitor to Trump Joe Biden.

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