Brexit did not take place for the second time Britain still remains in the EU

  • Brexit did not take place for the second time Britain still remains in the EU

Kiev: Great Britain was supposed to withdraw from the European Union on October 31, but Brexit did not take place due to the fact that the British parliament did not support the agreement with Brussels.

It is reported by "European Truth."

According to the original plan, Great Britain was supposed to leave the EU on March 31, 2019, but this did not happen due to the refusal of deputies to support the agreement with the EU of the previous Prime Minister Theresa May.

Then 27 EU countries agreed to provide a delay of the Brexit process for six months - until October 31. But the British Parliament again failed to approve a new agreement, which Boris Johnson agreed on.

He promised "to die in a ditch sooner" than to ask for a postponement and insisted on leaving the EU by agreement or without October 31. However, the deputies prevented the "hard" Brexit and Johnson was forced to ask for a postponement.

EU countries have decided to postpone Brexit for the second time until January 31, 2020, but Britain may leave the bloc earlier if it approves the agreement.

It is not known exactly when the agreement will be approved. In Britain, early parliamentary elections are scheduled for December 12 and, possibly, the vote will take place after the formation of the new parliament.

The day before in Brussels, they announced that they expect from Britain the candidacy of the European Commissioner for the new European Commission, since the country remains a member of the EU.

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