Lebanese Prime Minister resigns amid mass protests

  • Lebanese Prime Minister resigns amid mass protests

Kiev: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned amid protests that lasted about two weeks in the country. In a television speech, he stated that his decision to resign was due to the desire of the protesters and an understanding of how it would be better for the country.

According to Al Jazeera, Hariri admitted that "he was in a deadlock and wanted to resort to a shock event to change it." The Prime Minister sent a letter of resignation to Lebanese President Michel Aoun for signature. In response to Hariri’s decision, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Beirut to support the prime minister’s resignation. A change of power in the country has been one of the main demands of protesters in the past weeks.

“For all my fellow politicians, our responsibility now is to protect Lebanon and boost its economy. Today there is a significant opportunity, and we must not lose it”, - Hariri added.

Hariri was the prime minister three times and led the government of national unity, which included his opponents. Recent months have become a time of rapid economic downturn, debt and rising prices for the country.

Hariri’s decision to resign has already been reacted by the international community. The head of the German Foreign Ministry said: he hopes that this will in no way weaken stability in the country, because "the Further development of Lebanon is important for us and for the entire region." He also expressed hope that the protests in the country would be extremely peaceful.

Recall that the children's song Baby Shark became a symbol of protests in Lebanon after the protesters sang a song about a shark to a little boy so that he would not be scared.

The protests in Lebanon began on October 17 after the government announced the introduction of a fee for the use of instant messengers such as WhatsApp to make phone calls. The fee was to be $ 0.20 (5 UAH) per day. The government later reversed the decision, but protests continued and were directed against corruption and the Lebanese government.

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