Putin and Erdogan agree on joint control of the Syrian-Turkish border

  • Putin and Erdogan agree on joint control of the Syrian-Turkish border

Kiev: Presidents of Turkey and Russia Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin in Sochi agreed to jointly control the Syrian-Turkish border east of the Euphrates River.

It is reported by Radio Liberty.

So, according to the agreement, the text of which was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, the Turkish troops will control the part of the 30-kilometer zone near the border that was under their control as a result of the operation launched by Turkey in northern Syria two weeks ago. In other parts of the 30-kilometer zone, Russian military police will be introduced, and Kurdish armed forces will have to leave this zone. After this, a joint Russian-Turkish patrol near the border will begin.

The talks between Putin and Erdogan lasted 6 hours.

According to Putin, during the negotiations the parties managed to develop a common approach to normalizing the situation in northern Syria. The Russian president called the decisions "very important, if not fateful".

Erdogan said that in the so-called "security zone" on the territory of Syria near the border with Turkey, part of the Syrian refugees who are now in Turkey can be accommodated.

Earlier, Kurdish forces told the United States about the complete withdrawal of troops from northeastern Syria, where Turkey plans to create a "security zone."

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