Goncharuk: Evaluating humor with politics - bad taste

  • Goncharuk Evaluating humor with politics - bad taste

Kiev: Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk commented on the controversial issue of Quarter 95 with a song about the burnt house of the former head of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva, writes UP on Monday, October 21.

“I don’t think it’s normal to rejoice and laugh with the grief of the other. But there are a lot of satirical publications and teams in the world that have different styles, therefore it’s a bad idea to evaluate a politician’s humor. We have a democratic state and everyone has the right to joke as he likes", - Goncharuk said following a Cabinet meeting.

At the same time, he believes that if it were some other team, and not the 95th quarter, then this humor would have gone unnoticed at all. "Therefore, I am commenting not on one humor, but on the parallel that is now attributed to him", - the prime minister said.

"Now there are many enemies in Ukraine, and they try to interpret each situation in such a way as to sometimes give the president the wrong light. I can say that I have repeatedly seen the real reaction of President Zelensky to the story of the fire in Gontareva’s house. This reaction was absolutely correct and human "No one can be glad that a person’s house is on fire. This is definitely wrong. And President Zelensky didn’t laugh out of this", - Goncharuk added.

At the same time, he himself had not yet seen the number, but condemns any ridicule from the fire in the house of any citizen.

The prime minister also assured that the president, along with law enforcement officers, is taking all necessary measures to understand how this fire broke out and give it an assessment.

He added that law enforcement officers should pay "the most attention to this particular case." In particular, to figure out "who is behind this and how it happened that this event coincided with the visit of the IMF mission".

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