“Verevka“ Choir Director for Quarter 95 Room I'm ashamed

  • Verevka Choir Director for Quarter 95 Room Im ashamed

Kiev: The general director of the National Choir named after Grigory Verevka Zenoviy Korinets said that he decided to sing with Quarter 95 about setting fire to Gontareva’s house, and that he was ashamed of it. He said this on Monday, October 21, in a commentary to Ukrainian Truth.

“This was my wrong decision. Not a collective, because the collective didn’t really want to participate in this event. They (chorus, - ed.) Sang several songs there. Nese Galya water, other. We were offered to make this song with Eugene Koshev. we had such a conversation because I myself felt that this was an indecent test against Valery Alekseevna. But they told us: "Well, you see, we are here and Kolomoisky banter, and the president, and deputies, and our deputies. We have been doing this all for 20 years, laughing (at officials, - ed.), And there is nothing of the kind here. They are discussing this topic. "Of course, it was unpleasant for me. It was a wrong decision. But it has already happened. I apologize to Valery Gontareva. I am ashamed", - said Zenov Korinets.

According to Korinets, the choir earns such performances. In particular, the 95th quarter paid for two choir performances in the Ukraine Palace. And this (the opportunity to earn money for the choir, - ed.) Also to a certain extent influenced the decision to sing about the arson of Gontareva’s house.

“They asked me correctly. If you understand what I’m talking about. They didn’t press, but they said:“ What are you worried about? ”They convinced”, Korinets said.

The director of the Verevka choir, in a comment on Channel 24, named the amount of the fee that the team received for this performance. According to him, this time the Quarter paid them 30 thousand hryvnias for speaking in the room.

Korinets says the choir has not collaborated with Quarter 95 for the first time. He also believes that “there was nothing anti-Ukrainian and anti-state” in the last speech, but that it was “unpleasant for the person, for which I apologize again”.

When asked if the choir will continue its cooperation with Quarter 95, Korinets said: "In this mode and this style - no. No way. There might be something humorous and funny, but not of that kind".

Korinets also emphasized that he never had in his thoughts the intention to talk about something anti-Ukrainian.

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