Quarter 95 and Rope Choir ridiculed Gontareva

  • Quarter 95 and Rope Choir ridiculed Gontareva

Kiev: The National Honored Academic Ukrainian Folk Choir named after Hryhoriy Verevka at the concert of Kvartal 95 studio, the founder of which is President Vladimir Zelensky, performed a parody song Gorila Hata, about how the house of the former head of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva burned down. The video of the performance was released on Sunday, October 20.

In the announcement of the humorous performance, the host Stepan Kazanin called the burning of Gontareva’s house “a highlight”. Quarter 95 dedicated a song to this event performed by Eugene Koshevoy and the female part of the Rope Choir.

Kosheva sang with the choir on the motive of the famous folk song: "The house was burning down, the woman was crying in London."

In the composition you can hear the phrases: "The house burns in Gorenichi, and in London, Valery thinks of Valerich", "People saw the fire - start helping, buckets grabbed and ran, clapping in the fire."

"In the song, this moral is simple - the house is burned with shame," Koshevoy finished with the applause of the audience.

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