Ukrainian schools introduce fines for absenteeism

  • Ukrainian schools introduce fines for absenteeism

Kiev: Parents of schoolchildren can pay a serious fine for systematically skipping school hours for their children. This is discussed in the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 684, RBC-Ukraine reports.

The document says that in the absence of students who have not reached the age of majority, in training sessions for 10 consecutive working days for unknown reasons or without good reason, the school must immediately provide information to the Children's Affairs Service, and those (if necessary) - notify the police.

It is clarified that a good reason for the absence of a child at school is illness, rest with parents or other family circumstances. One parent is required to notify the school that the child will be absent and provide a written statement.

If the child did not attend classes due to illness and went to the doctor, then a medical certificate can become a good excuse. If there is none, then a statement is required from the father or mother that the child was at home under their supervision during the relevant period.

If a child systematically misses classes for no good reason, and the school does not have information about where he is, then according to the law parents can be held administratively liable.

Such cases are heard at court hearings. For the first time, the court may order a warning or a fine in the amount of 850 to 1700 UAH.

If the situation repeats itself, then parents will face a more serious fine - in the amount of UAH 1,700 to 5,100, excluding court fees.

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