Trump announced sanctions against Turkey for its operation in Syria

  • Trump announced sanctions against Turkey for its operation in Syria

Kiev: US President Donald Trump said he will soon issue permission to impose sanctions against Turkey due to its military operation in northern Syria.

He wrote about this on Twitter.

The sanctions will affect the current representatives of the Turkish authorities and those supporting the military operation "Source of Peace" in Syria.

“Steel tariffs will be raised back to 50 percent, to the level of its value in May. The United States will also immediately cease negotiations held by the Department of Commerce regarding a $ 100 billion trade agreement with Turkey”, - Trump said.

The US president also added that he would “aggressively apply economic sanctions” against those who support Turkey’s actions.

“I’m quite ready to quickly destroy the Turkish economy if the country's leaders continue this dangerous and destructive path”, - the American president said.

Earlier, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), led by the Kurds, said they had agreed with the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad to send troops to northern Syria to stop the Turkish offense.

On October 13, it became known that the Assad army announced the transfer of troops to the north of Syria to stop the Turkish offensive, but the United States was evacuating its soldiers from this area.

Prior to this, US President Donald Trump instructed to prepare sanctions against Turkey.

Recall, on October 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkish troops launched Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria, where Kurdish forces are located. In this regard, the autonomous government of the Syrian Kurds announced a three-day general mobilization.

Officially, Ankara promises to create security zones in northern Syria, but in fact, the Turks want to clear from the Kurds the areas east of the Euphrates River, bordering Turkey.

The Kurds are US allies in the region, but President Donald Trump has announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. They will not participate in the operation of Turkey, but they will not interfere.

In this regard, Trump was accused of treason to the Kurds due to the fact that he "left them to their own devices." The head of the White House himself denies this, stressing that the United States continues to support the Kurds financially and supplies them with weapons.

On his Twitter, Trump wrote that the US and Turkey have “very good” relations, but he warns Ankara against any “unreasonable and unnecessary fighting,” threatening the devastating consequences for the Turkish economy and the country's currency.

Earlier, Trump has already threatened Turkey with the "destruction of the economy" in the event of "unacceptable actions" in Syria.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that Turkey’s military operation in northeastern Syria should be restrained. The European Union noted that a reliable solution to the Syrian conflict cannot be achieved by military means.

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