As president, Trump has lost 119 positions in the Forbes ranking

  • As president Trump has lost 119 positions in the Forbes ranking

Kiev: US President Donald Trump over the past year dropped 16 lines in the ranking of the richest US citizens according to Forbes magazine.

The head of the White House takes 275th place in the new list, and Trump has lost 119 lines since the beginning of his presidency, the newspaper said.

Trump's fortune for the second year remains unchanged at about $ 3.1 billion.

According to Die Welt, the president’s business, where his name is present, suffers losses. Developers, for example, do not want to name objects by the name of Trump, and some even got rid of the name of the president in the name of their skyscrapers. This happened, for example, in New York, Toronto and Panama City.

Things are even worse with products bearing his name. Trump cups, T-shirts and ties are almost no longer for sale. Prior to his presidency, Trump received about $ 14 million a year from them.

A more serious analysis of Trump’s finances would be possible if his tax returns became public, Die Welt notes. The head of the White House is struggling to keep the documents secret, and this fuels his critics' suspicions that Trump has something to hide or that he went bankrupt.

The three leaders in the ranking of the richest people in the United States remain unchanged. On the first line is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is estimated at $ 114 billion. At the second stage is Microsoft creator Bill Gates with $ 106 billion, and investor Warren Buffett, whose fortune is $ 80.8 billion, is in third position.

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