In Rome, police is looking for the unknown, who hung a scarecrow of Greta Tunberg on the bridge

  • In Rome police is looking for the unknown who hung a scarecrow of Greta Tunberg on the bridge

Kiev: Italian law enforcers are finding out how a scarecrow of Swedish climate activist Greta Tunberg appeared on one of the bridges in Rome.

It is reported by Corriera della Sera.

A doll with braids, like the famous activist Greta Tunberg, was hanged on a bridge in Via Isacco Newton on the Rome-Fiumicino highway. The slogan was attached to the doll: "Greta is your God," the message says.

The prosecutor's office of Rome began an investigation after images of a stuffed animal were posted on social networks.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the capital of Italy, Virginia Raji, wrote on Twitter that she was in solidarity with the 16-year-old Swedish eco-activist, calling the incident "shameful".

“It's a shame to hang the Greta Tunberg mannequin on a bridge in our city. My city and I are in solidarity with her and her family. Our efforts to combat climate change do not stop", - said Raji.

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