Trump scandal with Ukraine may help Firtash appeal extradition to USA – media

  • Trump scandal with Ukraine may help Firtash appeal extradition to USA media

Kiev: Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash uses the scandal surrounding Ukraine and the United States to appeal the decision to extradite from Vienna to Washington.

Source: Foreign Policy

Details: After the Austrian Ministry of Justice approved the extradition of the oligarch to the United States, Firtash replaced lawyers and asked to resume the trial.

Under Austrian law, a court can do this if new evidence emerges.

Since July, Firtash has been defended by a close couple of Donald Trump's married couple Joey DiDzhenova and Victoria Tengsing.

Before that, they, together with President Rudi Giuliani's lawyer, were looking for incriminating evidence against Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine.

Journalists cite testimony of former prosecutor Viktor Shokin in the Firtash case in early September.

Shokin claimed that in 2015, Joe Biden forced the Ukrainian authorities to do everything possible so that Firtash did not return to Ukraine and the United States could extradite the businessman.

Shokin said: "It is clear to me that certain officials from the Obama administration, including Vice President Joe Biden, directly manipulated the leadership of Ukraine under false pretexts to prevent Dmitry Firtash from returning to Ukraine."

According to journalists, Rudy Giuliani’s statements about Joe Biden’s pressure on the Ukrainian authorities are in tune with Shokin’s testimony and play into Firtash’s hands.

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