Sony announces PlayStation 5 in 2020

  • Sony announces PlayStation 5 in 2020

Kiev: Sony has officially announced the release of PlayStation 5 at the end of 2020.

This is stated in the blog of the company.

"The update may not surprise, but we wanted to confirm it for fans of the PlayStation and will gradually reveal additional information about the next-generation console", - was written in Sony.

Using an updated gamepad, developers want to increase the user's immersion in the game. The console will have a new vibration system, which will be called "tactile feedback." This will allow players to “feel” how the hero on the screen falls on different surfaces located in different rooms.

The gamepad will appear "adaptive triggers". Buttons L2 and R2 will be adapted to the bow or accelerate the car.

Data in the PlayStation 5 will be written to the SSD, and not to the hard drive, as before.

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