Russia seeks grounds to cancel the Norman summit – Prystaiko

  • Russia seeks grounds to cancel the Norman summit Prystaiko

Kiev: The Russian Federation is looking for new reasons for the meeting of the leaders of the four countries in the "Normandy format" not to take place.

This was stated by Foreign Affairs Minister Vadim Prystaiko in the program “Freedom of Speech”.

According to him, Russia is not ready to take part in the Normandy Four summit.

“At the moment, I do not see Russia's interest in the meeting. At least during this time, the meeting is postponed further and further. The first time they heard about Putin’s technical impossibility to come, although two leaders proposed and the date was proposed by the French”, - said Prystaiko.

Now, according to him, new dates are being proposed, but Russia has not yet answered.

Earlier, Prystaiko said that the separation of forces and assets in the Zolotoy and Petrovsky Lugansk regions did not begin on October 7, since several days ago militants fired on these settlements.

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