Parliament appointed a new composition of the CEC: who entered there?

  • Parliament appointed a new composition of the CEC who entered there

Kiev: The Verkhovna Rada approved the new composition of the Central Election Commission. Most of them are representatives from the Servant of the People. Three were in the previous composition, the head of the CEC elected Oleg Didenko, elected under the quota "Servants of the people."

The deputies also approved the following members of the CEC.

Boyarchuk Oksana Borisovna (“Servant of the people”);

Buglaki Yuri Alexandrovich, ("European Solidarity");

Gataullin Elena Aukhativny ("Servant of the people");

Gevko Andrey Evgenievich (“Voice”);

Glushchenko Victoria Anatolyevna ("Homeland");

Grenya Vitaly Vyacheslavovich ("Servant of the people");

Didenko Oleg Nikolaevich ("Servant of the people");

Dubovik Sergey Olegovich (“Opposition platform - For life”)

Evstigneev Andrey Sergeevich ("Servant of the people");

Efremova Irina Alekseevna ("Servant of the people");

Karmaz Alexandra Alexandrovna ("Servant of the people");

Lyubchenko Pavel Nikolaevich (“Servant of the people”);

Miroshnichenko Yuri Romanovich (“Opposition platform - For life”)

Quail Vladimir Grigoryevich ("Servant of the people");

Plukar Vitaliy Vladimirovich ("Servant of the people");

Fasting Sergey Alexandrovich (“Servant of the people”);

Fritsky Yuri Olegovich ("Servant of the people").

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