Trump has repeatedly used Pence to pressure Zelensky – WP

  • Trump has repeatedly used Pence to pressure Zelensky WP

Kiev: US President Donald Trump has repeatedly used Vice President Michael Pence to put pressure on Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky.

According to the "European truth", this is stated in an article by The Washington Post.

Trump is reportedly instructing Pence not to attend the inauguration of President Vladimir Zelensky in May, when the new president of Ukraine sought recognition and support from Washington. This information is known from a complaint by a CIA agent who spoke about a telephone conversation between the presidents on July 25.

A month later, Trump used Pence to inform Zelensky about the delay in US assistance if Ukraine will not take more aggressive actions against corruption, officials say. By that time, after a telephone conversation, the Ukrainian authorities should already have understood that anti-corruption measures should include an investigation into former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter, the newspaper writes.

Officials close to Pence insist that he did not know about Trump’s attempts to put pressure on Zelensky for incriminating information about Biden.

But, as the newspaper writes, one of the main advisers to Pence was present during the conversation on July 25. And Pence was supposed to have access to the transcript within a few hours of the conversation, officials said.

Officials close to Pence say he went to Warsaw to meet Zelensky on September 1, probably without reading, or not fully familiarizing himself with the transcript of the phone call.

At a meeting with Zelensky, Pence said that hundreds of millions of dollars in US assistance to Ukraine would not be allocated because of concerns about the country's weak efforts to combat corruption.

He also emphasized Trump’s disappointment that, in his opinion, the European Union is not doing enough relief work. At that moment, the President of Ukraine had already spoken with Trump and was familiar with his demands.

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