Lavrov: There was a meeting with the Georgian minister, which he asked

  • Lavrov There was a meeting with the Georgian minister which he asked

Kiev: Russian Foreign Affair's Minister Sergei Lavrov admitted that he was “smiled and puzzled” by the statements made in Georgia following his bilateral meeting with his Georgian counterpart David Zalkaliani. He made a corresponding statement at a press conference following the results of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly.

The talks between the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of Georgia and Russia on September 26 were held for the first time since August 2008. The meeting was organized by the Swiss side, which plays the role of mediator between Georgia and Russia in the absence of diplomatic relations between these countries.

According to Lavrov, the meeting with Zalkaliani took place at the request of the Georgian side.

“Yesterday there was a meeting with the Georgian Foreign Affair's Minister, which he requested", -  he said.

The head of the Russian Foreign Affair's Ministry emphasized that the "lengthy comments" of the Georgian minister on the negotiations "took longer than the meeting itself." According to Lavrov, Zalkaliani was interested in the issue of resuming flights between Russia and Georgia.

“Then I read his comments are voluminous, his comments took longer, in my opinion, than the meeting itself. Among other issues, he wondered when it would be possible to resume this message. I explained to him, that we had never looked for artificial reasons for a quarrel with Georgia, if the Georgian leadership could responsibly advance its position in favor of normal relations with Russia and would not look at the Russophobes, whom the former president, in my opinion, is trying to raise again to fight with the regime in Tbilisi, then I would personally resume air communication”, - Lavrov said.

He added that the decision to ban air travel is a temporary measure, and Moscow immediately announced that it would cancel it “when the situation normalizes”, and “the Georgian leadership is aware of the need for such excesses to stop such manifestations”.

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