In Ukraine, foreigners will be allowed to buy state-owned enterprises

  • In Ukraine foreigners will be allowed to buy state-owned enterprises

Kiev: Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Taras Vysotsky said, that foreigners will receive the right to participate in the competition for the purchase of state-owned enterprises.

 “We will carefully consider each potential investor, who is ready to acquire the assets of one or another state-owned enterprise. If he meets all our criteria, he will be able to become the full owner of the Ukrainian enterprise. In fact, there are no restrictions in this regard for foreigners”, - the official said.

In this context, it is worth emphasizing that residents of countries that are subject to Western sanctions, will not be able to take part in a tender for the purchase of assets.

It is known, that the bill, which will regulate the process of selling state-owned enterprises to foreigners, will be considered by parliament in October 2019.

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