Kravchuk about the conversation between Trump and Zelensky: I think this conversation is a textbook for training

  • Kravchuk about the conversation between Trump and Zelensky I think this conversation is a textbook for training

Kiev: The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk believes that when considering the conversation between the presidents of the two countries, two factors must be taken into account.

This Kravchuk said in a comment hromadske.

“First: the president of Ukraine is talking to the president of which country. If it is Poland or Bulgaria, or any other country, the size of Ukraine - this is one thing. It’s another matter if this is the United States - the first country in the world in terms of potential and influence on world processes - this is another matter. We must bear in mind the different weight categories of countries”, - said the first president of Ukraine.

At the same time, he emphasized that the presidents are equal in their capabilities, but "the weight of the country has power and puts pressure on the president of Ukraine".

“Second: who started the conversation? In this case, this is President Trump. The person who starts the conversation usually draws up the context and topic of the conversation and sets the emphasis. Therefore, the president of Ukraine cannot interrupt the president of another country and tell him, for example, this does not concern me. It will not be diplomatic”, - said Kravchuk.

According to him, the president of Ukraine should listen to what the president of another country is saying. “In this case, the president of the United States. As I understand it, after reading the transcript, the President of Ukraine listened carefully, without interrupting the questions raised by President Trump”, - Kravchuk added.

According to the first president of Ukraine, Trump had a request to Zelensky.

“In this case, it is to investigate the activities of Biden’s son (former US Vice President Joe Biden) In Ukraine. If he said: “I want you to ask the prosecutor to be either softer or tougher,” that would be wrong. It would be direct pressure on the president of Ukraine”, - Kravchuk explained.

He also stressed that in this case it would turn out that Trump recommends Zelensky how to act in a specific situation, which would be unacceptable.

“It was not like that. He simply said that he would like an objective investigation. Because this is a serious matter. That many people in the USA would like to know the truth. This can not be interpreted as a kind of commission. He doesn’t say: “he will falsify” or “make some remarks to the prosecutor” in order to conclude in his favor, and not in Biden’s favor”, - Kravchuk noted.

According to the first president of Ukraine, in this conversation it is not necessary to give an assessment of the activities of Attorney General Viktor Shokin.

 “I would consider it necessary for the president of Ukraine to say in one sentence: “The Shokin’s issue is related to President Yanukovych and this is a problem of Ukrainian society, which has been discussed very very sharply now. Such a proposal should be. Because I think President Trump has the wrong opinion about Shokin”, -said Kravchuk.

He also suggested that Zelensky can not evaluate other leaders, in particular, German Chancellor or President Trump.

 “Like, the EU, France and Germany do little to help Ukraine. I think it was necessary to, somehow react here. Although, when there is a direct conversation on the phone, you can not take everything into account. You don’t have a text written beforehand and don’t know what issues will be discussed”, - said the first president of Ukraine.

In this situation, according to Kravchuk, Zelensky had to say something in a manner: “we are the central country of Europe. Of course, our relations with European countries are very important for us, and the position of European countries, regarding Russian aggression and other issues are clearly defined. There are still sanctions, although perhaps not the same size as in the US. ” As noted by Kravchuk, circumventing this issue or keeping silent means that the President of Ukraine agrees with the opinion of the President of the United States.

“And if tomorrow the President of Ukraine will talk with the Chancellor or the President of France, they will ask him a question why did not he answer the negative assessment of the US President regarding assistance to Ukraine. And then what to do? In a word, it is difficult. I hope they diplomatically circumvent this issue, but for the training of each of us in dealing with foreigners this issue is very delicate”, - Kravchuk emphasized.

In addition, he said that discussing or giving an assessment after the United States, Marie Jovanovic, is the right of the American president.

“I think this conversation is a textbook for training. Not only the presidents of Ukraine and the USA, but also for you and me. In general, given the whole situation that was at the time of this conversation, the President of Ukraine looked good”, - Kravchuk summed up.


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