US will provide $ 52 million aid to Venezuelan opposition

  • US will provide 52 million aid to Venezuelan opposition

Kiev: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will provide the opposition of Venezuela with $ 52 million, the organization said.

"Today, USAID head Mark Green, at a meeting with Venezuelan opposition, human rights defenders and Ambassador (Guaido) in the United States, Carlos Vecchio announced the allocation of $ 52 million to help the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, his government and the people of the country in their quest to restore democratic democracy in their country a government that meets the interests of citizens", - it says. The report notes that the funds will be directed to programs supporting the opposition-controlled National Assembly, "independent media, civil society and the restoration of the health sector".

In January of this year in Venezuela, the leader of the National Assembly, opposition leader Juan Guaido, proclaimed himself president of the country. He was supported by the United States, a number of countries in Europe and Latin America. Russia, China, Turkey and several other countries support the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

On September 24, Maduro arrived in Moscow to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and entrepreneurs to, in his words, discuss prospects for bilateral relations in the field of economy, social sphere and culture. On the same day, the United States expanded sanctions against Venezuela, including four Venezuelan oil companies and four vessels transporting petroleum products in the list of sanctions. The US Treasury noted that the United States will continue to take decisive steps against the "illegitimate Maduro regime" and the foreign actors who support it.

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