The Artist who communicates with the language of the colors dispersed in air

  • The Artist who communicates with the language of the colors dispersed in air

TBILISI-God almighty granted people the most precious gift immediately after birth – happiness of freedom and since then the human being is trying to be free or has been fighting to get back the freedom granted by God. However, to define the godly present - it is equally important to mention the substantial circumstance that in the history of the earth there is a period when the so-called “tamer torturers” composed of the same people deny the creator of the universe - God - and are trying to take away or restrict freedom.

Therefore, I as an independent reporter, dedicated my newspaper article to the person whose dreams scattered in childhood were taken away by the soviet regime. The Dutch painter of Caucasian origin Ismal Bashirov belongs to this soviet era generation. Together with time change, he completely buried the past full of ache and made his creative dreams dispersed in childhood come true in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe.   

There is  a period in the history when deeply educated people, excellent commanders-in-chief, politicians, diplomats and public figures of all the time are born. However, I do consider that among the greatest people craftsmen are distinguished who are united with many inter-related feelings with people. At the same time, art is the world where it is still possible to find people and exchange pleasant emotions.   

I happened to find myself in such a pleasant world, the so-called Mecca of art in the Netherlands and became the co-participant of the personal exhibition at the gallery “Art of Stream” in Rotterdam. The author was a Dutch painter of Chechenian origin Islam Bashirov.

A true environment of art was created in the area where the colleagues and friends of the artist arrived from Paris, Brussels, London and Amsterdam to assess his art created in several months. 

Mr. Bashirov is a special case for this sphere of art since he is still a doctor by profession. At the beginning, together with developing a medical career, art was a certain type of hobby for him by means of which he got closer to the border of real mythological colors. Later on, similar to numerous people of other profession, he emancipated himself and got born in a new space.

He dipcted the brush as his personal soldiers whose main responsibility is to assist the master   - with oil, tempera, watercolor or gouache paints, distribute on the painting the gamma of colors found on the planet, the one which has not been noticed so fat by anyone apart from  him. All this had a significant impact on getting him shaped as the free creator and contributed to the creation of his pseudonym as a painter Islam Abd An-Nur-kant, which replaced the surname on the actual painting.

The fact that Islam Abd An-Nur-kant belongs to the contemporary followers of avant-garde art of the 21st century who make bold steps in abstractionism and het born with new volcanic ideas for the development of this direction of art every coming day. 

Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso cubic school influence can be observed minimanistically in his art. However, despite this, his paintings to a great extent resemble performance of colors and rebellious feelings of his soul characteristic to the abstractionist. At the same time, his paintings are the poetry of thoughts which takes us to the spiritual harmony through abstract paths.   

In terms of content, some paintings even resemble the surrealistic life, in which the distracted character of the painter like mist is shown as well as the ocean-type of depth. He belongs to the invisible inhabitant of the universe who is free from the iconographic world and by means of realized or unrealized memory paints eternal life wrapped in the air of the Earth together with all the fragrances of continuing this life.

This makes the visitor feel the aesthetic emotion to a full extent and gives him/her the feeling of travelling in the mystical world together with the painter.

Obviously, the works of the painter is available for all the strata of society. However, at the first stage it is possible for the visitor to understand his/her work and compare the colors scattered on the canvass with the revolutionary chaos. However, let me define that to understand the scientific work of Zigmund Freud, it is necessary to have the face to face dialogue with him. Therefore, what this implies is that if the person, with sub-conscious emotional feelings looks through the works of the painter several times, s/he will unexpectedly discover how the unlimited world of the creator gets awaken on the canvass together with the philosophy of cosmic colors dispersed in this world. After this, the visitor gets the desire to liberate him/herself from being liberated from being bound to everyday problems.

After the end of the personal exhibition of Islam Bashirov, my emotions towards his paintings appeared to be extremely impressive. I immediately got the feeling that he, as the infinite experimentalist painter achieved special creative maturity. He is a true discovery of avant-garde art and it is difficult to convey his narrative of words.

I am sure, the world will soon see ascending of the creator known under the name of Islam Abd An-Nur-kant to the highest peak of abstractionism. 

Additionally, the desire to buy work of Islam Bashirov is increasing day-by-day and one of the first buyers were his colleague doctors and rich patrons. 

The exhibition was wonderful and I am still under pleasant impressions which will follow me in the long run.

Ilia Zukakishvili, independent reporter

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