The suicide bomber tried to launch a terrorist attack near the main mosque in Mecca

  • The suicide bomber tried to launch a terrorist attack near the main mosque in Mecca

Mecca: A suicide bomber blew himself up after he was surrounded by policemen near the Protected Mosque in Saudi Arabia in Mecca, resulting in injuring 11 people, five of whom were policemen.

Law enforcers said that the attacker planned to commit a terrorist attack inside the largest mosque in the world Masjid al-Haram, inside which is the main shrine of Islam - the Kaaba.

On the morning of November 20, 1979 (the first day of the new 1400 year of the Islamic calendar), thousands of believers gathered in the Masjid al-Haram for the morning prayer. Suddenly, shots rang out inside the mosque. The guards, armed only with truncheons, could not offer any resistance. Soon the entire territory of the huge complex of the mosque was under the complete control of unknown armed persons. They blocked all the entrances inside the building and set fire points on high minarets. The ideological inspirer and organizer of the seizure was Juhayman al-Utaybi, a former soldier of the national guard of Saudi Arabia. The first in importance was ally Muhammad al-Qahtani, who was a spiritual and religious symbol of the uprising. The rebels believed that the Mahdi, mentioned in the ancient prophecy, the renewed Islam on the eve of the Last Judgment, came to the Earth in his face. After capturing the mosque, the rebels wanted to announce the divine mission of the Mahdi and bring him an oath of allegiance at the walls of the sacred Kaaba.

It took the Saudi security forces two weeks to release the mosque from terrorists. As a result of the unprecedented terrorist attack, 255 people were killed on both sides.

The inability to regain control of the main shrine of the Muslim world within two weeks significantly undermined the authority of the ruling family. After a brief investigation, Juhaiman and dozens of his accomplices were publicly beheaded in the squares of the main cities of Saudi Arabia.

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