Providers of Crimea block 12 Ukrainian information websites

  • Providers of Crimea block 12 Ukrainian information websites

KYIV-Ten providers in Crimea completely blocked 12 Ukrainian information websites and two social networks. The press service of the Crimean human rights group reports this.

According to the report, 28 websites are blocked partially. Human Rights Defenders monitored ten different providers in nine Crimean settlements in February-March 2019.

According to the monitoring report, 12 websites are blocked by all 10 providers: the Black Sea Television and Radio Company, Tsensor.ni, Slid.ni, Channel 5, 15 minutes, Focus, Depot, Ukrainian Truth, RBK-Ukraine, Ukrinform, Glavkom, Uainfo. In addition, all ten providers completely block access to social networks Linkedin and Telegram.

The websites Holovne and Hromadske Radio block 9 out of 10 providers.

The blocking of Ukrainian mass media in the Crimea is targeted at the incitement of hatred against Ukrainians. It also gives an opportunity to influence the consciousness of young people of conscription age more effectively.

“Besides, at the same time, the militarization of consciousness, incitement of hatred and blocking of alternative sources of information are used by the Russian Federation to commit a war crime. They plan to call the inhabitants of Crimea into the army of the occupying forces, as well as to encourage voluntary admission to the army of the occupant,” the report said.

It should be noted that the unjustified restriction of access to information is a severe violation of human rights.

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