Death toll in collapse of school in Nigeria risen to 20

  • Death toll in collapse of school in Nigeria risen to 20

Kyiv: As a result of the collapse of the school building in the city of Lagos in Nigeria, 20 people have already died, most of them children.

This was reported by the local authorities.

More than 40 people were rescued from the rubble and sent to hospitals.

Some of the wounded have already been discharged from hospitals, about 15 people are still in need of treatment, their condition is stable.

However, it is still not known exactly how many people were in the building during the collapse. However, the rescue teams stopped the search operation on March 14, saying that they had reached the foundation of the building, not finding other victims.

Some families are protesting against this and are still trying to find missing children under the rubble.

We recall that in the city of Roetgen in the west of Germany, a powerful tornado swept through, as a result of which five people were injured.

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