British Parliament refuses second referendum on Brexit

  • British Parliament refuses second referendum on Brexit

Kyiv: The House of Commons of the Parliament of UK refused to support the holding of a repeated referendum on withdrawal from the European Union in the country.

This is reported by the British media.

Only 85 deputies voted for the corresponding proposal, 334 members of the House of Commons voted against.

As noted, the proposal to put this question to the vote was initiated by opposition deputies, the new party of the Independent Group and some pro-European conservatives.

A whole number of initiatives were put to the vote on Thursday, including a proposal to vote for an agreement with the European Union for the third time, which deputies have already rejected twice.

On the eve, parliamentarians also voted against withdrawing from the EU without concluding any agreement with Brussels.

At the moment, the exit from the EU is scheduled for March 29.

We recall that the UK will not have a transition period after Brexit if its parliament does not accept the agreement on withdrawal from the EU.

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