NASA requires increase in funds for study of moon

  • NASA requires increase in funds for study of moon

Kyiv: The US National Aerospace Agency is demanding an increase in funds for exploring the moon by $500 million. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

“The 2020 fiscal year in the United States will begin on October 1. $500 million NASA is going to spend on exploration of the moon. The aerospace agency hopes to speed up cooperation between the state and the space industry in the development of new monthly landing modules,” the message says.

It is known that, in general, the organization plans to receive from the US  budget $21 billion.

"This figure is 2% less than the current expenses of the department, but 5% more than the amount that NASA asked the US Congress last year," they write to the media.

We recall that the NASA probe flew past the distant objects of the solar system.

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