Berlin recalls its ambassador from Venezuela

  • Berlin recalls its ambassador from Venezuela

Kyiv: In Berlin, they consider the work of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Venezuela to be very professional and outraged that he is declared persona non grata.This was announced on Wednesday by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, commenting on the government’s decision.

“We took note of the decision to declare Ambassador Daniel Kriener persona non grata. We decided to call our ambassador home for consultations,” the statement said.

In the German Foreign Ministry called this decision "incomprehensible" and one that only exacerbates the situation and does not lead to stress relief. Ambassador Kriener performs in Caracas, including in recent days, a remarkable job, according to his leadership.

Maas stressed that Juan Guaido’s European support remains unshakable.

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Russia will be represented at the Berlin consultations in the Normandy format by Surkov