Poland to invest 50 billion dollars in army

  • Poland to invest 50 billion dollars in army

Kyiv: Mariusz Blaszczak, Minister of National Defense of Poland, signed the Plan for the Technical Modernization of the Armed Forces of the Republic until 2026. The cost of the announced modernization will amount to 185 billion zlotys ($50 billion).

He stated this today at a press conference.

“A fifth-generation multifunctional aircraft is needed, as it will strengthen the existing fleet. A tender for helicopters for the Navy to fight submarines is being implemented,” he said.

In addition, Poland plans to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance aircraft, a submarine, several air defense systems and several new all-terrain vehicles for its aircraft.

It is noted that the republic plans to spend 3 billion zlotys ($0.8 billion) on the development of the cyber defense.

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