NATO to hold exercise in Black Sea

  • NATO to hold exercise in Black Sea

Kyiv: NATO naval forces Poseidon 19 exercise will be held in the Black Sea on March 1-8. This was announced on Wednesday, February 27, by the headquarters of the Romanian Navy.

"More than 1,100 military personnel will take part in the international Poseidon 19 exercise, which the Romanian Navy organizes in Romanian territorial waters and in international waters in the western part of the Black Sea on March 1-8," the report indicates.

The exercise will involve 10 Romanian ships and four foreign ships from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain and Turkey, as well as two speedboats for divers, the text says. The air part of the exercise will be provided by the Puma Naval helicopter, two MiG-21 fighters and two F-16s from the Romanian Air Force."

The main objectives of the exercise are to strengthen the interaction between the participating ships and crews in the general international context, as well as to test the capabilities of the Romanian Navy at the disposal of NATO in the coming period," the Romanian Navy Headquarters indicates.

The report states "instability to the east of the EU and NATO" and stresses that "one of the security measures for the allies in the Black Sea region is to strengthen the naval presence in its basin."

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