International money laundering network exposed in Bavaria

  • International money laundering network exposed in Bavaria

Kyiv: In Bavaria, assets worth about 50 million euros were confiscated during a large-scale campaign against international money laundering.

This was reported by the press service of the Munich prosecutor's office.

During the operation, investigators simultaneously acted in Germany and Latvia. Four properties were confiscated, including in Nuremberg and Regensburg, totaling about 40 million euros.

Investigators also seized an account in one of the banks in Latvia with assets worth about 1.2 million euros and got access to accounts in several German banks with amounts of about 6.7 million euros.

The police suspect three people of this type of financial offense. This is a money laundering scheme known as the Russian Laundromat (another name is the Moldovan scheme).

So far no other details of the case have been disclosed.

We recall that in the European Union began to operate new rules to combat money laundering.

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